Another phone call from Thome.

He called twice tonight. The first was only 30 seconds long because he didn’t have much time, but I was fine with just hearing his voice.

Then he called back and we talked for another 4 minutes. Even though we only have a short time on the phone he still can make me laugh. It’s so great.

Unfortunately we were disconnected before we could say goodbye but I am not even upset. There is no way I can take his phone calls forgranted. If it’s 30 seconds or 9 minutes, goodbyes or no goodbyes, all I want to hear is voice and it’s amazing.

The phone calls, and letters, and the moment I will see him makes all the waiting worth it. It’s fun to have the little things matter so much. It’s a lot easier for me to be happy now.

Here’s an update of what he told me: His division won their first flag which he will be carrying. His RDC’s are pissed because some recruits are taking food from the galley. I don’t really understand why you would do that…He has also¬† found fellow recruits who play League of Legends haha.